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Sep 1, 2015
Sharp will Provide The LCD Screen For Apple iPad Pro

On August 20, Beijing time,According to Taiwan, The Times of electronic, industry news, apple 12.9 inches "the Pro" will use the sharp display.Foxconn's Internet fly technology (General Interface Solution) will be responsible for the Pro touch module production, laminating and liquid crystal display module assembly. Reported that the Pro will be at the end of the third quarter before put into production, in the fourth quarter to enter mass production. Sharp will provide the Open Cell LCD screen, and the flying technology to bring GF touch panel. Apple chose to sharp and Internet technology as the Pro suppliers, because foxconn is close to apple, and foxconn and sharp again there is a partnership. Reported that Samsung corp., Samsung Display and TPK technology will serve as the Pro sub suppliers. Among them, the Samsung Display screen and liquid crystal Display module assembly, responsible for supply TPK touch module production. , to the second half of this year, the Internet fly technology is expected to get more touch panel of the device and the mini order, and order of TPK share will decline. The Pro will be released in the fourth quarter, this year's shipments is expected in 4 million to 5 million. iphone 5s display: http://www.xspareparts.com/iphone-5s-lcd-screen-battery-replacement

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Aug 20, 2015
Cell Phone Basic Repair Skill

There always be bumps and drops caused by accident, making some parts of your cell phone broke,and the cell phone doesn't work. So when your phone got a problem, and you want DIY,

At first, be sure it's a system problem or a parts problem.

sorry, we can't help with a a system problem.

if the problem is cause by a bump or drop or hit, 90% it's a part problem.

Second, check which part is broken.

There are mainly two type problems:

1, Screen damage cause by force or burn in.

2, Flex cable short-circuit or solder bridge.

Third, know where is the part and what is the part.

Let's take iPhone 4s for example.

List spare parts present on this diagram:
-1 chassis
-2 front glass
-3 volume buttons and mute
-4 Shaker
-5 listener's ear (speaker buzzer)
-6 rear camera
-7 plate wifi
-8 filter obscurateur
-9 water power and proximity sensor
-10 slick jack and volume
-11 front camera
-12 grid for listener ear
-13 drawer sim
-14 table of the home button
-15 home button
-16 connector dock and slick USB and micro
-17 micro rubber protector
-18 block speaker internal GSM antenna
-19 antenna GSM + wifi
-20 battery
-21 rear window
-22 motherboard
-23 screw set
-24 lot of small elements

See? Every part inside a cell phone is separable, and Xspareparts supplies all of them!

Fourth, Get the new replacement part now

Apple iPhone Parts

If you were not sure about which part is broken, you can ask help from live chat or contact our Before-Sales:  sales@xspareparts.com

Fifth, Repair your phone with the new part.

We have made some videos and dragram for no experience. watch and learn step by step and you can DIY.


Bring the new part and your phone to a repair store to ask expert repair it. (it will still save your money!)

Update by www.xspareparts.com

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Aug 18, 2015
www.xspareparts.com is online now

www.xspareparts.com is online now. Xspareparts is a online store wholesale cell phone replacement parts, welcome to visit!

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